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Hare Krishna Mzansi Choir Harmonizing African Choral and Vaishnava Bhajans
By Atma Tattva Das, ISKCON News Staff Writer   |  Jul 01, 2023

Soweto, South Africa – In a harmonious endeavor that transcends cultural boundaries, the Hare Krishna Mzansi Choir is making waves with its innovative fusion of African choral music and traditional Vaishnava bhajans. 

Led by the dynamic duo Caru Candi and her husband, Ujwala, this choir has captivated audiences and stirred hearts with their soul-stirring performances in ISKCON South Africa. Now, the initiative calls for participatory support to expand their reach and perfect their service.

Caru Candi and Ujwala, the driving forces behind the Hare Krishna Mzansi Choir, recently sat down for an interview to shed light on their groundbreaking project. Their vision is to bring the vibrant African style of choral singing to the spiritual experience of Vaishnava culture, creating a captivating musical experience that resonates with diverse communities.

“We aim to ‘African-Step’ our way through the boundaries of conventional music and bring people closer to The Divine through the power of choral,” Caru Candi expressed passionately. “Our goal is to, in a way, concatenate the melodies and rhythms of African choral music with the devotional fervor of Vaishnava bhajans forging a unique blend that uplifts and unites.”

Charu and her Husband Ujwala.

However, to achieve their aspirations, the Hare Krishna Mzansi Choir needs developmental support. They actively seek participation from individuals with a passion for music and a desire to be part of this extraordinary endeavor. Additionally, the initiative welcomes any support, including general resources and musical training, to help them refine their craft and reach new heights.

“Our journey has been incredibly rewarding, but we need the support of the community to truly make a lasting impact,” Ujwala expressed. “We invite all music enthusiasts, philanthropists, and culturally inclined devotees to join hands with us in this musical odyssey and bring the beauty of an African expression of Krishna Conscious culture to the world.”

The Hare Krishna Mzansi Choir also aims to perfect their renditions of local gospel songs, focusing on praising the Supreme Lord. Their ambition extends beyond the borders of South Africa, as they hope to share this vibrant musical flavor with the international Hare Krishna community.

some members of the HKMC.

This project, born from a harmonious union of cultures, promises to be a transformative force in the world of music. Through their melodies, the Hare Krishna Mzansi Choir seeks to create a bower of unity where people from diverse backgrounds can come together, celebrating the power of music and spirituality.

As Caru Candi and Ujwala embark on their mission to blend African choral with Vaishnava bhajans, their plea for active support resonates strongly. With the participation, encouragement, and resources they require, the Hare Krishna Mzansi Choir has the potential to ignite a musical revolution, leaving an indelible mark on the international stage.

To get involved in this magically musical expression of Krishna Conscious preaching inspired by Kadamba Kanana Swami, please contact Caru on Facebook.