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Hare Krishna Radio Is Growing New Affiliates
By Hare Krishna Community Radio   |  Jun 11, 2022

New Affiliates for Hare Krishna Community Radio
Hare Krishna Community Radio is now expanding its airwaves


South Africa
Devotees from South Africa have joined Hare Krishna Community Radio.
Broadcasting from Durban is two new weekly shows, “The Kalpa Vrksha Show,” and “Jiv Jago.” This new affiliate is headed by Dangati das, also known as Diresh Sinath, who has years of experience in the radio industry.

Beginning his career on South Africa’s public broadcaster, SABC – LotusFM, in 2005, he later held the position of Station Manager at a community radio station in Phoenix and then as Station Manager at Mangosuthu University of Technology. He is now in the process of developing his own radio training academy.

Every Saturday morning (7 am South Africa time & 10 am EST) , Dangati hosts the Kalpa Vrksha Show; a show that delivers lively and vibrant spiritual information and entertainment content. He also oversees all content airing on the radio that day. And, you can look forward to more new shows and increased involvement from the Durban devotees.

Listen to a sample edition of Kalpa Vrksha here.

Another devotee active with Hare Krishna Radio Durban is Vraja Sundari Sewjugath who provides the narrations for the Kalpa Vrksha show. A scientist and educator, Ms. Sewjugath is also a dedicated practitioner of Bhakti Yoga and an Editor at The Vaisnava Online Magazine.

She and her 5-year-old son Nrsinga Caitanya also provide another important service for the radio. You can hear them both making regular Station Identification Announcements as you listen to the radio throughout the day. Nrsinga is very excited about his newfound service and you can hear this enthusiastic 5-year-old here.

Following the Kalpa Vrksha Show at 9 South Africa time and Noon EST is the Jiv Jago Show with Her Grace Gokulendrani Dasi, a Life Coach, and qualified foundation phase educator.

Her aspiration in life is to always be able to help others, especially in her spiritual life. “Dovetailing my Krsna Consciousness within the framework of my life coaching practice is an aspiration I am eager to fulfill. I chose Lord Chaitanya’s famous instruction, “Jiv Jago” as the name for my practice and then also for the podcast in an earnest effort to help others practically awaken their Krishna Consciousness with self-understanding and self-worth.

Gokulendrani also has extensive experience in the financial and customer service sectors and is a trained kathak dancer and percussionist, as well as a photographer with a keen eye.


Broadcasting from Mauritius is “Windows to the Spiritual World,” a kirtan-focused podcast, hosted by the dynamic husband-wife duo, Nita Pada das, and Nityananda Krpa Devi. Making use of their extensive musical library, they offer an excellent selection of kirtan while providing information about the artists, kirtan, and meanings of the kirtans as well as food for thought on devotional topics.

An accomplished kirtan leader himself, Nitai Pada dasa also hosts a website where he provides instruction, teaching others how to play the harmonium and mrdanga.

“The ‘Window to the Spiritual World’ podcast gives you, the listener, a glimpse into the spiritual world,” says Nitai Pada Das. In spiritual consciousness, there is no difference between God, Krishna, and His Holy Name. Wherever the Lord’s holy name is chanted, the person chanting is purified as well as every individual who hears that chanting.”

Windows to the Spiritual World airs from 11 South Africa Time and 2 pm EST. Listen to the latest airing of “Windows to the Spiritual World” here.


Hare Krishna Community Radio is Growing
More and more listeners are tuning into Hare Krishna Community Radio. “It’s exciting to see the growth as listenership to our programming steadily increases.” shares Sudharma dasi, founder of Hare Krishna Community Radio. “And this increase is happening pretty much simply through word of mouth. Up until recently, our only promotion has been on my personal Facebook page and here in Alachua in the temple newsletter and mr4sp Facebook page. It has taken a while to develop the platform and build a solid foundation. Now, we feel we have that basic foundation and are eager to get the word out, share what we are offering, and bring others in to make the radio something truly special and vibrant.

“Radio is a theatre of the mind,” says Dangati Das. “Radio, like books, has the power to open and transform the thinking patterns of one’s mind, transforming the listener’s mind into a spiritual theatre.”

“We, here at Hare Krishna Community Radio, want to develop an innovative vision and team that brings together the best of the Hare Krishna Community in all of its dimensions: whether it is spiritual; devotional, intellectual, cultural, social or lifestyle,” And help make that spirit of devotional life come alive in the mind, hearts, and home of all who are interested, from all walks and backgrounds of life.”

Three easy and fantastic ways you can help Hare Krishna Community Radio come alive:

1: Listen and share.
2: Become a program host.
3: Help with promotion and organization.

“We are looking for devotees to organize and upload playlists and devotional thought, DJ musical shows, host podcasts, interview, promote on social media and help organizationally with fundraising, communications, technical support, and management; as well as devotees to develop show content around relevant, applicable messaging for international outreach”, Dangati explains.

Broadcasting from the New Raman Reti community in Alachua, Florida, the station has been founded by Sudharma devi, and represents a consortium of musicians, podcast hosts, storytellers, and speakers who have lent their names and works to the station in hopes of sharing their devotional art forms together with an interesting world stage.

You can stream the radio at or download podcasts listed on the radio podcast page.

Here is a sample of a recent show on Hare Krishna Community Radio The Story of Gajendra as well as a recent interview with Mukhya dd prabhu, the temple president of the Alachua community, ISKCON’s largest community in the United States.

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