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Hare Krishna Returns to Abbey Road Studios
By Giridhari Das (Hare Krishna Festivals UK)   |  Dec 25, 2019

In July 1969, George Harrison produced the Radha Krishna Temple album with the first group of devotees in London.
Fifty years later, in December 2019, a group of devotees are back in the iconic Abbey Road Studios to record the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra once again.

The producer of the new record, known as Youth from the band “Killing Joke,” is a highly accomplished award-winning musician and producer who shares spiritual interests with the devotees. He also has connections with Beatles members, working alongside Sir Paul McCartney to produce Paul’s recent albums.

Youth with Paul

Producer ‘Youth’ with Paul McCartney

The kirtan group – a selection of artists from the devotee community, Food For All and Hare Krishna Festivals – worked all day with Youth and his team on a colorful collaboration of styles and instruments with the Maha Mantra in the centre – to be released to the public in the New Year.

“It was a wonderful creative day full of love and spiritual friendship for everyone who took part – a great way to celebrate after 50 years, and to honor George Harrison and the pioneers of Hare Krishna in the UK, ” said Food For All Director Parasuram Das, who brought ISKCON-style samosas, chutney and an apple shaped cake for the whole crew.

Devotees at Abbey Road 2

Devotees return to record at Abbey Road Studios

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