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Hare Krishna Valley is a Spiritual Oasis in Rural Australia
By Keshava Das   |  Apr 29, 2023

Retreatants at Hare Krishna Valley

Hare Krishna Valley was founded in 1987 as a rural community for the members of the Hare Krishna Movement in Victoria, Australia. The beginning years saw the development of a great deal of infrastructure, including residential buildings, a retreat center, ashram buildings, a bridge, a dairy, and a market garden. Our goal is to practice a Krishna-conscious lifestyle in a peaceful country environment.

The current manager, Keshava dasa, and his wife, Atulya devi dasi, have lived in the Valley for the past fifteen years. Keshava says, “Hare Krishna Valley is an alternative community that recognizes the importance of living in harmony with nature and implementing sustainable practices. Our focus is on cow protection, organic farming, protection of wildlife, forest regeneration, and developing solar energy. These are all positive steps towards a more responsible and sustainable lifestyle.”

Atulya adds, “Our community’s dedication is to spiritual pursuits such as meditative chanting, studying Vedic teachings, and contemplating the ‘bigger picture’ of life. By dedicating our activities for the pleasure of Krishna, our community members are able to find purpose and meaning in their daily lives.  Our aim is to develop a self-sufficient farm community in which we gratefully receive our gifts from the earth and in return, protect the earth from unnecessary harm.”

Keshava explains, “The resident members live together in a spirit of love and trust. They cooperate together to further the development of the community. Visitors are treated as welcome friends and are encouraged to use their strengths to develop a positive future. Hare Krishna Valley is a spiritual sanctuary, a place where guests can rejuvenate themselves and feel part of a greater family.”

Cooking class offered to guests

Hare Krishna Valley holds regular retreats on various topics, including vegan/vegetarian cooking, yoga, meditation, Vedic astrology, Ayurveda, and women’s retreats. The retreats are popular with the Western audience and are mostly booked out. We also hire out our facilities to various yoga groups. As one of our recent retreat facilitators, Jodie, has written, “Our group of like-minded women always enjoy our time spent at Hare Krishna Valley. The layers of the city immediately start to slip away as you enter the tranquil setting of the forest. The amenities and facilities suit our needs and are comfortable.”

The Valley holds a monthly Sunday Open Day on the second Sunday of the month at 12 noon.  The program includes a kirtan, a spiritual Q&A, and a delicious vegetarian/vegan feast.  Afterward, our guests get to meet our cows. Atulya elaborates, “Protecting and caring for cows is one of the most important activities mentioned in the ancient spiritual texts of India.” Donors who give $1,008 per year receive a free weekend at Hare Krishna Valley, where you can personally help care for Krishna’s cows and receive the ever-lasting spiritual benefit. You and your family will experience freedom from material anxiety when you are in the presence of the cows!”

Keshava Das with WWOOFer volunteers

Hare Krishna Valley also has a popular volunteer program, so please contact us if you would like to stay for some time. For the latest events and retreats, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.