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Holi Festival Food Distribution in Fiji
By Luke Rawalai   |  Apr 06, 2013

In the spirit of the festival of Holi, the Hare Krishna movement took to the streets of Labasa, Fiji, to distribute cooked food to the homeless and people of the town.

People around the Friendly North town had flocked into the Market Community Policing Post to take advantage of the free food that was distributed by members of the movement.

Regional secretary of the movement Ras Bihari Das said in the spirit of Holi, they had come out in large numbers for a worthy cause to feed the people of Labasa, especially the unfortunate.

“We at the Hare Krishna movement believe in universal love and it does not know race, sex or skin colour,” he said.

“Therefore members of the movement decided to donate money from their pockets to deliver cooked food for the township of Labasa freely.

“We are here to remind people that we should remain true to the reason of the season and Holi is about setting things anew and a new heart is fundamental during this rebirth process.”

Mr Das said they had started the day celebrating Holi on the streets of Labasa before they proceeded over to the Police Community Policing Post to give free food to the people of Labasa.

“All religious festivals teach a lesson and Holi is about repentance, rebirth and the change of a hew heart for all individuals.”