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Indian Central Government Plans to Bring Yamuna to Vrindavan Ghats; Parks to Replace Illegal Structures
By Staff Reporter   |  Aug 22, 2019

The Mathura-Vrindavan Municipal Corporation has been directed to work on the removal all illegal structures in front of Vrindavan’s ancient ghats, and develop the reclaimed area as gardens/parks. Additionally, a plan to restore the flow of Yamuna to the ancient ghats of the holy town is also being drafted.

The draft is being prepared at the behest of the central Ministry of Urban Development under the guidance of environmental expert from Delhi University, Professor C.R. Babu. Municipal commissioner, Ravindra Kumar Mandar is working on its execution. Speaking on behalf of the Ministry in a meeting held at the Municipal Corporation office, Professor Babu said that visitors and devotees are unable to experience the Vrindavan they have heard/read about.

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