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India’s Top Businessmen Visit ISKCON Juhu’s Nilachal Vedic Village
By ISKCON Juhu Communications   |  Nov 19, 2022

(Photo names left to right)
H.G. Radharchana Mataji (MC), H.G. Surangi Mataji (wife of DN Pr.), Ms. Manju Gupta (Chairman of Lupin group of companies), H.H. Guruprasad Swami Maharaj (Vice chairman of GBC), Sri Balkrishna Goenka (Chairman of Welspun group), Sri Ashok Goel (Chairman of Essel group), H.G. Devakinandan Das (GBC minister for Fundraising & ISKCON Bureau member), Sri Sajjan Jindal (Chairman of JSW group & Mayapur Heritage City Development), Sri Shishir Nevatia (Chairman of Sun Jewel and Sri Sri Radharasabihari farm committee) and Sri B. V. Bhargav (Founder MD of ICICI).


India’s most influential entrepreneurs and multi-billionaires, Sri Sajjan Jindal; Chairman JSW Group & Mayapur Heritage City Development, Sri Bala Krishna Goenka; Chairman Welspun group, Sri Ashok Goel; Chairman ESSEL Group, Ms. Manju Gupta; Chairman Lupin Group, Sri Shishir Nevatia; Chairman and Sun Jewels & SSRRFC and Sri Bhargav; Founder MD of ICICI, visited the Nilachal Vedic Village (NVV), an initiative ISKCON Juhu, India. They landed in Talasari (a city in Maharashtra) by helicopter in the early morning on Gopastami day, November 4th, 2022, by their private helicopter. Devakinandan Das, ISKCON India Zonal Secretary, invited them to celebrate the festival at the project.

Guests are greeted at the NVV project, given garlands, and taking photos with host, Devakinandan Das.

The festival started with welcoming the distinguished guests with Vedic chants, then all of them performed yajna followed by Go-puja (worship of the cows) at the goshala. All of them personally fed laddus and jaggery to the cows. There was a stage program with cultural activities, including an exceptional tribal Aadiwasi dance performance by locals. Then, the project’s architect, Sri Sachin, gave a presentation to all the delegates about future development plans and initiatives. While addressing the guests on stage, they spoke appreciatively of the service and development by ISKCON at Talasari and the efforts taken specifically by Devakinandan Das for his work on the project’s growth.

ISKCON devotees and guests feed the cows at the NVV

Nilachal Vedic Village is ISKCON Juhu temple’s Vedic-style farm community. The farm has more than 350 cows, and more than 100 were rescued and moved from the slaughterhouse to the NVV project. Sixty acres of land have been cultivated for organically producing vegetables, grains, flowers, etc. It is around a two-hour drive from the busy city of Mumbai. The goal of the NVV project is to allow cows to be happy, grow organic produce for the Juhu temple and provide a village experience to the visitors with basic modern amenities for their stay. 

To learn more about the NVV and how you can visit or donate:

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