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Institute for Science and Spirituality Shares Presentations From Recent Conference
By ISKCON News   |  Feb 27, 2024

The Institute for Science and Spirituality Trust (ISS), the scientific study wing of ISKCON Delhi, held a 2-day international conference in August entitled, “Philosophy of Vaishnava Vedanta: Culture, Legacy and Traditions.” The conference, hosted in collaboration with Jawaharlal Nehru University and Central Sanskrit University, New Delhi, gathered world-class speakers from around the world. Recently, they have been releasing these significant presentations on their YouTube channel.

The main objective of ISS, founded in 2011, is to rekindle “interest in spirituality within the scientific community whereby the latter evolves a spiritual, anti-material perspective while at the same time helping spirituality develop a scientific and dogma-free outlook that is already built into its structure.” Since its inception, ISS Delhi has organised several international conferences, offered various courses on the Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS), and been engaged in cutting-edge research. In fact, the ISS was recognized as an IKS Research Center by India’s Ministry of Education in December 2022. 

Current research endeavors at ISS span various areas, such as Samkhya perspectives of matter and mind interaction, the fundamental science of perception, reincarnation research, works of Bhakti Vinod Thakur, Achintya Bhedabheda perspectives on the philosophy of science, to name a few. 

The latest conference had a lineup of first-class speakers and compelling presentations. The playlist of presentations can be found here. In April 2024, ISS will also organize a workshop on “Samkhya Systsem in Bhagavatam” in collaboration with the Indian Council of Philosophical Research (ICPR), India’s apex body for philosophical research.

To learn more about ISS, visit their website, Facebook page, and Instagram.  For more information, you may WhatsApp ISS at +91-99710-29784 or contact them via email. To support this important service of ISS, visit here