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International ISKCON Communications Conference to be Held at Villa Vrindavana in May 2023
By ISKCON Communications Europe   |  Apr 01, 2023

The ICE EC Team is preparing for the upcoming international ISKCON Communications Conference at Villa Vrindavana, Italy to be held May 27th – 30th, 2023.  About 60-70 ISKCON leaders, senior devotees, and devotees engaged in communications service from Europe and other parts of the world are expected to participate.

Many important topics within ISKCON and the broader society will be discussed. Several ISKCON scholars and experts, as well as Italian Professor Massimo Introvigne, have prepared papers and presentations on topics such as: 

  • ISKCON and Youth
  • ISKCON and Identity (national, religious, and cultural)
  • ISKCON and Sexuality
  • ISKCON and Science and Academia 
  • How to Handle Controversial Remarks in Srila Prabhupada’s Teachings

© Photo by Josh Hild from Pexels

The conference will also include interactive sessions, communications reports from different yatras, an outing in Florence, a tour at the MOSA museum at Villa Vrindavana, and the premiere of the Mahabharata Play by the Theater-Ensemble Mangala led by Gaura Lila Dasa from Switzerland. Please see the official invitation below.

The conference flyer is here: IC Conference Italy 2023.  Registration for the conference is still open, and you can register here.