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ISKCON 50 Meditations: July 24, 2016
By Satsvarupa dasa Goswami   |  Jul 24, 2016

Chuck and Bruce

Chuck:  I finally found Second Avenue and First Street, and I saw through the window that there was some chanting going on inside and some people were sitting up against the wall.  Beside me on the sidewalk some middle-class people were looking in and giggling.  I turned to them, and with my palms folded I asked, “Is this where a swami is?”  They giggled and said, “Pilgrim, you search has ended.”  I wasn’t surprised by this answer, because I felt it was the truth.

Bruce and Chuck, unknown to one another, lived only two blocks apart.  After the suggestion from his friend, Bruce also made his way to the storefront.

Bruce:  I was looking for Hare Krishna.  I had left my apartment and had walked over to Avenue B when I decided to walk all the way down to Houston Street.  When I came to First Street, I turned right and then, walking along First Street, came to Second Avenue.  All along First Street I was seeing these Puerto Rican grocery stores, and then there was one of those churches where everyone was standing up, singing loudly, and playing tambourines.  Then, as I walked further along First Street, I had the feeling that I was leaving the world, like when you’re going to the airport to catch a plane.  I thought, “Now I’m leaving a part of me behind, and I’m going to something new.”

But when I got over to Second Avenue, I couldn’t find Hare Krishna.  There was a gas station, and then I walked past a little storefront, but the only sign was one that said Matchless Gifts.  Then I walked back again past the store, and in the window I saw a black-and-white sign announcing a Bhagavad-gita lecture.  I entered the storefront and saw a pile of shoes there, so I took off my shoes and came in and sat down near the back.

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