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ISKCON GBC Leaders Meet in Kanpur, India
By Radha Sakhi Dasi   |  Oct 19, 2018

For the first time, the ISKCON Governing Body Commission (GBC) meeting is being held in ISKCON Kanpur, India. Spiritual leaders from all over the world, from America to Europe, China, Africa, Asia, Australia, Russia, have come together to transform this small temple of Kanpur into a true spiritual United Nations. The GBC meeting begun on the 15thof October and will go on till the 21stof October. The last time ISKCON Kanpur hosted the global spiritual leaders was during its opening ceremony in the year 2014.

The GBC members meet twice a year, once in Mayapur and the second time in another place.  

ISKCON Kanpur is a growing centre with over 80% of its members are youth. The director and an inspirational leader Devakinandan Das humbly invited the spiritual leaders to  Kanpur promising them a unique experience, and living up to everyone’s expectations the leaders and the local youth are having an enriching experience together.  

Along with his team, Devakinandan Das, ushered and welcomed every guest with a warm heart and has ensured their safety and wellbeing. The temple president, Prem Harinama Das along with Radha Ranjan Das and Amritesh Krishna Das and a group of young devotees have been working relentlessly to ensure the success of the meeting. 

The meetings start at  10am, prior to which the youth seek guidance and the valuable association of the senior dignitaries to enlighten and inspire them. 

After the meetings, the evening sessions work like a spiritual boost, where the leaders and the local congregation members convene together joyfully in kirtan sessions. 

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