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ISKCON Hosts Tribal Ministry Program
By Yudhistir Govinda Das   |  Jul 30, 2022

Gauranga Das speaking for the Ministry of Tribal Affairs


We are happy to inform you that the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India came up with the concept of ‘Manthan Shivir’, an informal gathering of the national and state tribal department Ministers and
officers to share best practices.

Thanks to some of our contacts in the Government of India, the first inaugural edition is being hosted by ISKCON at its Govardhan Ecovillage campus in Maharashtra.

The participants included the Federal (Union) Minister for Tribal Affairs Shri, Arjun Munda

Union Minister of State for Tribal Affairs Bishweshwar Tudu, Union Minister of State for Health & Family Affairs Smt Bharati Pawar, along with state ministers (UP, Andhra Pradesh, Tripura, and Assam), Principal secretaries, and other bureaucrats from across India.

Yudhistir Govinda Das on ISKCON’s activities

All the participants, during their two-day stay, toured the campus looking at the various sustainable initiatives, and also participated in various temple programs like evening kirtans & yajna.

They were also shown presentations on ISKCON activities pan India especially our tribal programs run by ITCT which was appreciated.

Many officers wanted to come back during the nonrainy season and were grateful to ISKCON for the arrangements made by Gauranga Prabhu and the team at GEV.

From ISKCON’s side speakers included Gauranga Prabhu and Sanat Kumar Prabhu on GEV, Yudhistir Govinda Das on ISKCON’s activities, Sridham Govinda Prabhu on ITCT, and Swethadvipa Prabhu presented the conclusion.