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ISKCON New York City to Host a Deity Worship Bootcamp June 23rd-July 2nd
By Thomas Haribol, ISKCON News Managing Editor   |  May 20, 2023

ISKCON New York City will be hosting a Deity Worship Bootcamp from June 23-July 2nd, facilitated by Nṛsiṁha Kavaca Dāsa, ISKCON’s Global Minister of Deity Worship, and Murli Manohara Dasa, Deity Worship Ministry Representative for the UK.

The intensive course, typically taught over a period of three weeks at the Mayapur Institute, will give devotees a thorough introduction to the knowledge, skills, and values of deity worship that will help them to understand and appreciate this service as an integral part of the philosophy and practices of devotional service, and to assist them in carrying out the essential elements of daily temple worship.

In an October 7, 1974 letter, Srila Prabhupada said, “This is very important business, Deity worship. The more the Deity is decorated, the more your heart will be decorated with Krishna consciousness.” 

Śrī Śrī Rādhā-Govinda installed in 1972.

The NYC training will follow six key modules, including Purity, The Form of the Lord, Authenticity, Sambandha, Arati and Skills, and Sodasopacara Puja. The unique bootcamp will take place at the historic ISKCON temple in Brooklyn, where Śrī Śrī Rādhā-Govinda Deities have resided since November 1, 1982 and have given Their abundant mercy to committed devotees and temple visitors ever since.

Gopal Campu Dasa, Vice President of ISKCON NYC said, “Radha Govinda Mandir is a fitting place to host this course because here reside the first Radha Krishna Deities that were worshiped in ISKCON. Also, we have a vision that New York City will become a place for providing essential education in all the limbs of devotional service,” he continued, “We are looking forward to serving all the devotees who will be coming and serving during this vital training.”

You can see the flyer for more details, and to register for the event, use the form here. For questions, contact Gopal Campu Das at