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ISKCON Opens Manipur Temple to Public
By   |  Nov 22, 2007

Imphal, November 21: The Sri Sri Radhakrishna Chandra Manimandir was opened to the public today by the International Society of Krishna Consciousness amid devotional fervour.

According to the temple priests, devotees started thronging the temple from day break today by invocating the blessing service or Mangala Arti.

Regular services will start at the temple from tomorrow, said the priests and added that devotees can offer their prayers until the last service tomorrow evening.

The temple, which was the cherished project of the late Bhaktiswarupa Damodara Swami has simple, spacious and yet appealing designs with remarkable natural lighting system providing excellent visibility of the Sankirtan area (the central demarcated space for prayers and other activities).

Atop the Sankirtan area and above the eight sets of columns, polished coloured gems imported from France are strategically placed along the path of the electric bulbs, displaying an enchanting spectrum of colours when the lights are turned on.

The deity chamber has three compartments-Sri Sri Radha Krishna Chandra, the abode of Jagannatha, Baladeva and Subhadra on the right and deities of Gaura-Nitai on the left.

Earlier in the day a Mahayajna (Fire Service) was performed at the temple’s court yard.

During the Arti ceremony, the followers chanted Harinam.

Spiritual leaders of the Bhagavata Culture delivered discourses on the virtues of its ideals.

Cultural programmes were held in the evening.