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ISKCON Pakistan is Growing
By Dr. Neeta Maheshwary and Lionel Kerbs, Sankirtana/Communications Coordinators ISKCON Pakistan   |  Jul 17, 2021

For the month of May through June this year, a preaching tour occurred across the region of Baluchistan; a rural mountainous southwest area of Pakistan. 

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) in Pakistan has three temples, including in Karachi, Larkana, Sindh, and in Hyderabad, Sindh as well as and five centers: in Bahawalpur, Punjab, Thari Mirwah, and the Harimandir in Hyderabad, Sindh, as well as in Khuzdar and Quetta, Balochistan and growing. 

Vice President of ISKCON Pakistan, Ram Sakha Das, started the vigorous preaching tour. At present, the yatra of Balochistan is being supported by a very active member (in terms of traveling and coordination): Sunjay Dasa who is the Temple President of the Temple in Khuzdar.  

Activities throughout the month were carried out in different cities such as Khuzdaar, Nushki, Quetta, and Mastung.

Every day, Ram Sakha Das visited different places and shared Krishna consciousness, held Bhagvat discourses, did book distribution, as well as arranged for distributing food (prasadam), arranged by local enthusiastic devotees. Regular Bhagavad-Gita classes in the morning and evening programs, as well as home programs, were held. Sri Narasimha Chaturthi was also celebrated and Ekadashi programs were organized. Ram Sakha Das’ sadhu sanga was received with great appreciation by all locals and devotees alike. During the tour, devotees received the books Bhagavad-Gita As It IsCivilization and Transcendence by Ram Sakha Das who has requested the BBT to provide more books for his next visit.

Also, a fire sacrifice (yajna) was performed and teleconferencing was coordinated between regional supervisor Shyamananda Krishna Prabhu and Sanjay Das for two ambitious temple projects that are underway and future initiations.

Mr. Ajeet Kumar the Vice President of Gurukula Pathshala organized sankirtan and training sessions, including a Vaishnava etiquette training, which uplifted the spirits of participants. Attendees were taught how to chant the Hare Krishna mantra on Japa beads. In the future, they will begin Bhagavad-Gita and Hindi language classes.

The overall impression by devotees living in Balochistan was positive and inspirational. Many were insisting on spending more time with the Ram Sakha Das. As per geographic location and cultural impact, the majority of Baluchistan people are Sikhs, who follow the Guru Granth Sahib scripture. This was the first time many had exposure to ISKCON. 

The residents of Balochistan are very grateful to Sunjay Das, Shanti Krishna Das, Rohininandan Das, Esana Das, Akshay Vishal, Vijay, and Mahendra for their incredible organization of programs.

Some of the challenges the Balochistan yatra faces are: 

– Printed books availability.

– Development of Balochistan outreach communication channels on social media etc. 

– Pakistan sankirtana party team formation

-Arrangement/donation of Sankirtana van