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ISKCON Relief Ukraine Update- Week 15
By ISKCON Relief   |  Jun 15, 2022

Week 15 June 15th, 2022

ISKCON Relief – Figures


Devotees from Europe, as well as other parts of the world, have tirelessly continued their sincere endeavour to help devotees from Ukraine to find shelter, care, and support. The following figures are for week 15 of this devotee care/relief effort.


ISKCON Relief – 

Food Distribution, Week 15 

Quantity (FFL and/or in temples and houses)
Hungary 190

Raw food delivered to Ukraine, worth 3.500 €

Poland 3.500


Country Refugees being Hosted
Britain (excluding Northern Ireland) 36 (1 arrived last week)
Bulgaria 37 (incl. 18 children) 
Czech Republic 77 (36 children) 
France (New Mayapur) 3
Ireland 15 (incl. 4 children) 
Hungary 38 (incl. 10 children)
Poland 125

Plus 16 transiting

Slovakia 18 (incl. 8 children)
Sweden 30 (incl. 17 at Almvik Farm)
Switzerland  62

Important General Message 


The following centres have now reached full capacity and cannot receive any more refugee devotees until further notice:

  1. ISKCON Germany 
  2. ISKCON Spain 



The facilities at Radhadesh are at this point all full. There are also no other accommodation facilities available in the Radhadesh area. 



Villa Vrindavana near Firenze and Prabhupada Dham in Genova are full and cannot host more refugees at this point. However, there are still a few places at Villaggio Hare Krishna near Milano and also at Prabhupada Desh in the Venice area. These temples are though requesting that it is important to make expectations clear from both sides (the temples and refugees) before arrival. If you are interested in going to one of these two temples, please contact Parabhakti das through the ISKCON Relief website.



Last Friday, June 10, the food distribution was especially dynamic, as many people already know the devotees and are waiting for them to start distributing. Hrishikesha das recalls: I was very touched by the fact that one very elderly mother SPECIFICALLY came to the Riga Support Center for Ukrainian Refugees to taste our prasadam, she said: “This is the most delicious porridge in the world!”

Hrishikesha das would like to express special gratitude to their Indian partners and friends for providing bananas, oranges and bread, which are very much appreciated at the main distribution center of their Ukrainian program. Even Indian sweets from a team of students led by Professor of Medicine Mrs. Shantala. A big thank you also to Balabhadra who prepared the amazingly delicious porridge, and Paramamrita for the transport.

One of the young children, with great joy and wearing a big smile after receiving a banana in one hand and a fragrant orange in the other. What could be more valuable than a child’s smile?



The Vaishnava community “Karuna Bhavan” in Scotland invites TWO Vaishnavas who want to live at the temple in a separate apartment. A married couple, with or without children, or two men/women.

The community provides accommodation in a 2-room apartment 5 minutes from the temple, and pays utilities and food (prasadam). The temple is located in a beautiful suburb of Glasgow, surrounded by nature and the community has a vegetable and alpaca farm. If you wish to be an active part of the yatra and engage in service six days a week then please contact us. Preference is for brahmins, at least one out of the two devotees, or those who are ready to receive a second initiation for Deity worship.

In addition to living in the community, you will receive an allowance from the UK government under their program for Ukrainians. Assistance in applying for a visa and processing documents upon arrival will be given by us.

For more details, please call +380635156808



All facilities for refugee devotees coming to Spain are full and there is hardly any support from the Spanish government for Ukrainian refugees. Indeed some refugees want to leave and are looking for alternative places where they can take shelter. If your yatra has some places left, please contact Sukanti Radha devi dasi through the ISKCON Relief website.


ISKCON Relief Website

Please visit our newly created website at:


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MEET THE TEAM – Members of the ISKCON Relief Team 


In this part of our ‘Meet The Team’ series we would like to introduce you to the Refugee Coordinator for Poland – Gaurangi devi dasi

Gaurangi devi dasi – ISKCON Relief Refugee Coordinator Poland 

Gaurangi devi dasi is a disciple of Indradyumna Swami and is originally from Poland. She is now living with her family in UK. She joined at the age of 14 and became one of the first members of the Polish festival tour while continuing her education. She was one of the festival interpreters, a service that she continued for years and which later on helped her in getting qualification to become an official interpreter for the NHS, the Police, and other public institutions in her current work in the UK.

Gaurangi is also actively involved at various services at Bhaktivedanta Manor where she mainly works with ISKCON Educational Services. This department just celebrated 30 years of hosting hundreds of primary and secondary schools in the UK that visit the temple as part of their religious education. It’s a very unique program where many young minds are eager to learn about Krsna’s culture and philosophy. 

Furthermore, Gaurangi also serves as a safeguarding governor at the local Gurukula.

Since the beginning of the war, Gaurangi has regularly been writing weekly reports about the refugee aid which is given by the devotees in Poland. 

Gaurangi is known for her steady, excellent, and dedicated service, and she is always ready to serve and assist the devotees. 




Prasadam distribution in Poland 


Refugee devotees in the UK

ISKCON Relief – Resources

Relocation Services
The ISKCON Relocation Services is run by Loka Pavani Devi Dasi and three of her Vaishnavi colleagues. They work tirelessly to put together useful and updated information about available help which can be accessed in different European countries. Such information includes government benefits, government accommodations, relocation to temples and devotees’ homes, or a list of ISKCON centres specially equipped in helping women and children to get safe facilities. Refugees can find different options, and make informed decisions on where to go. You can find all this information in the ‘Country Specific Fact Sheets for Ukrainian Devotees’ at:

Crisis Management Team
The Crisis Management Team has appointed local coordinators for several countries. These local coordinators offer help to refugees and assisting devotees. Don’t hesitate to contact them.
A list of the national coordinators for several countries can be found at:


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