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ISKCON Studies Conference on “Interpretation”
By   |  Jul 26, 2007

Day One: Mapping the field 

* Overview and examination of the theme of interpretation.

* A history of interpretation in Gaudiya Vaisnavism. Including case studies on, 

* Vaisnava text and tradition 

* Bhaktivinoda, the Bhadraloka, and Christianity 

* Interpretation and culture 

Day Two: Spiritual institution or institutional spirit?

This day includes presentations and discussions on 

* Theology, reform, and renewal 

* ISKCON as interpretation 

* Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura, the Gaudiya Math, and the twentieth-century 

* Srila Prabupada and interpretation 

* ISKCON law and interpretation 

Day Three: Day trip * 

Day Four: Interpretation and schism 

* Schism: Cause and effect 

* Overview and history of schisms in the West 

* Schism as an act of interpretation 

* ISKCON and schism: Past, present, future 



Prabhupadadesh, Italy. Friday 27 till Monday 30 July 2007. 

Cost 110 Euros including all accomodation, prasadam, and conference fees. Extra nights, 10 Euros. 

* There will be a small extra charge for the daytrip.