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Jesus’ Trial and Crucifixion Were Legal, According to 300-page Study
By David Harding   |  Nov 14, 2013

Spanish professor Jose Maria Ribas Alba, who spent 25 years looking into the political and religious laws at the time of Jesus’ crucifixion, says his punishment was consistent with others that were doled out during that same time period. ‘Religious and political thinking then mixed in a way that is very difficult for people to understand nowadays,’ he said.

A 25-year Spanish study into the trial and crucifixion of Jesus has concluded that the process was entirely legal.

The court case was not a legal farce, argues professor Jose Maria Ribas Alba, but instead was consistent for “what we know about the legal criteria of the time.”

The punishment was also consistent with the justice meted out by courts of the time, he claims.

In fact, the professor said Jesus faced two trials, one relating to blasphemy and the other to the crime of insulting a monarch or head of state.

The cases were similar to others heard at the same time.

Convention has it that Jesus faced trumped-up charges and many argue that the court proceedings he faced were a mockery.

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