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Krishna Bhakti Art Exhibits Bridge the Spiritual Canvas in Manila, Philippines
By Atma Tattva Das, ISKCON News Staff Writer   |  Aug 29, 2023

Honorable Mr. Shyam Advani, a long-time supporter and well-wisher of ISKCON Philippines, appreciates the exhibit.

In the heart of Manila, a unique artistic journey awaits as the Krishna Balaram Ashram (ISKCON Manila) prepares to host its much-anticipated Krishna Bhakti 3 art exhibition. Emerging as a collaborative initiative driven by a common Krishna Conscious vision, this exhibition promises to transcend the boundaries of artistic expression and spirituality, inviting attendees to experience a blend of creative ingenuity and profound devotion.

The Krishna Balaram Ashram, originally founded by the N4S musical band in conjunction with inspired members of the community, has become a haven for creative minds with a shared goal. With a clear focus on fostering a harmonious connection between art and spirituality, the Ashram breaks free from the confines of traditional art spaces. Instead, it seeks to provide an accessible and inclusive platform for artists and creatives alike to discover and share their passion for Krishna Consciousness. As Balaram Das, a key member of the organizing team, aptly said, “There’s no single leader here; it’s collectively run. Together, we have understood and embraced the need to share Krishna Consciousness as widely as possible.”

The forthcoming Krishna Bhakti 3 art exhibition is set to be a remarkable testament to this collective spirit. Now in its third season within the Ashram’s first year of existence, this exhibition series is a bold stride toward introducing Krishna Consciousness through the power of art. “We haven’t even reached our first anniversary since establishing this. We’re going to celebrate our first year next week on Balaram Jayanti,” shared Balaram. In this short span, the Ashram has organized this enlightening art event twice, successfully sharing Krishna Consciousness and inspiring visible transformation in seekers alike.

As the Krishna Balaram Ashram team members reflected on their artistic journey, a compelling theme emerged — the desire to engage the local art scene with a fresh Krishna Consciousness perspective. “We wanted to penetrate the art scene. We have been in the music scene for a long time now. Now we are expanding our network,” states Balaram. This expansion represents a journey into unexplored territories, an invitation to those who might not yet have encountered the profound teachings of Srila Prabhupada.

At the heart of their vision lies a belief in the inherent capacity of individuals to improve the world through their creative expressions. The team envisions the Krishna Bhakti 3 art exhibition as a means to engage with a younger audience, a generation often immersed in the fast-paced world of intoxication and transient pleasures. There’s potent evidence their strategy is working, just ask Adi-Guru Das, another dedicated team member, “I came across Krishna Consciousness in this way. Understanding the power of such initiatives, I try to serve and support the Ashram’s activities in the best way possible.” Their efforts aim to steer the youth toward enlightenment, where art and spirituality merge to inspire a life of purpose and meaning.

Rasarani Devi Dasi’s role in documentation and recordings is pivotal to capturing the essence of this transformative journey. In this digital age, their documentation transcends mere records; it becomes a vessel to transmit the essence of Krishna Consciousness to the broader Philippines audience.

The Krishna Bhakti 3 art exhibition is not merely an event on the calendar; it is a catalyst for change, an artful expression of devotion, and an instrument of transformation. Jagatvira, another collective member, beautifully encapsulates their mission, “We can do art, and at the same time we can be Krishna conscious.” This duality, where artistic prowess intertwines with spiritual fervor, is a testament to their commitment to inspire positive change through creative means.

When the doors open on September 2, 2023, at the Hindu Temple (Function Hall) in Paco Manila, attendees will find themselves immersed in a world where the colors of creativity and the notes of devotion blend seamlessly. The Krishna Balaram Ashram’s efforts, fueled by a desire to transcend conventional boundaries through a DIY mood, present a unique opportunity to engage with spirituality through art. The art exhibition opens at 10 am, and a cultural program and music performances will run from 3-9 pm.  The exhibit will be on display September 3-17th at Krishna Balaram Ashram in Sampaloc, Manila.

To learn more about the progressive Krishna conscious effort by N4S and to delve deeper into their artistic journey, visit here. To stay updated and inspired about Krishna Balaram Ashram’s service, visit their Facebook page. You’ll find insights into their innovative initiatives, upcoming events, and their mission to bridge the gap between spirituality and art.

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