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Locals Embrace the Return of the Festival of Colors to West Virginia
By Thomas Haribol   |  Sep 24, 2022

After a three-year COVID-related hiatus, the hills of West Virginia were covered in colorful clouds again as locals returned to Prabhupada’s Palace of Gold for the 2022 Festival of Colors.

Guests enjoyed the musical stylings of Devananda Prabhu, NamRock, Ananda Groove, and Malini devi dasi, who also led participants in dance and yoga. Local Sarah R. of Wheeling, WV, said, “This was our first time, and we had a blast! We are definitely making this a yearly thing!”

Food was plentiful with offerings from West Virginia’s own Dosa King Saci Suta Nimai das. In addition, samosas, pizza, generous thali plates, and mango lassis were shared with hungry guests. In addition, vendors offered quesadillas, smoothies, treats, textiles, jewelry, and the ever-popular fall flower crowns.
Nearby Vedic palmist Sada Ruchi das was busy all day meeting with guests, and our book table and distributors had successful encounters with guests curious about our philosophy.

“This was an extraordinary team effort,” said community member Thomas Haribol, “As a newcomer, I was really encouraged by how the New Vrindaban community worked so hard all day to make this a positive, joyful experience for our guests.”

As spiritual icing on the cake, the event was graced by a visit by Mahavishnu Swami and his crew, whose unique style engaged the crowd in chanting the mantra.

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