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Mayapur Girls Dance Before an International Audience
By Kumari Sherreitt   |  Dec 06, 2008

A group of Mayapur gurukuli girls swayed the crowd of United Religious Interfaith (URI) delegates this past weekend in an emotional medley of drama and dance entitled “Shaym”.

The dance was a burst of realization for many; an intense portrayal into the love affair of the spirit soul and the creator of all the spirit souls — a discovery of the eternal mission of the jiva: reunion with Lord Sri Krsna. The choreographed dance “Shyam” was performed to the song “Shyam” by Gaurangi.

Other members of the Mayapur community were involved in cultural demonstrations for the delegates. A trio from the boys’ Gurukula shared a mrdunga show, and a group of young girls did the rasa dance.

The URI conference is being held on the Mayapur campus from November 24-December 5, and has welcomed over 600 visitors from every continent to Sri Mayapur Dham ranging in age from 18 to 80.

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