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MEPs slam Brussels over ‘beefatarian’ campaign to promote meat
By Arthur Neslen   |  Dec 22, 2020

Thirty-four MEPs are accusing the European Commission of double standards for pouring €3.6 million into a campaign to promote beef consumption while simultaneously proposing Green Deal goals to reduce emissions and promote more plant-based diets.   

The criticism comes in response to a €4.5 million initiative called “Proud of EU beef,” which supports two beef lobby groups: Provacuno in Spain and APAQ-W in Belgium. The EU is funding the bulk of this initiative, with roughly €2.4 million going to the Spanish group, which has used the funding for a “Become a Beefatarian” campaign that suggests beef-eating can contribute toward sustainable development. Another €1.2 million was allotted to the Belgian group.

The MEPs argue this campaign contradicts the recommendations of various environmental studies on combatting climate change and also undermines the EU’s Farm to Fork sustainable food strategy under the Green Deal. The strategy, launched in May, states that “moving to a more plant-based diet with less red and processed meat and with more fruits and vegetables will reduce not only risks of life‑threatening diseases, but also the environmental impact of the food system.”

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