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Mercy for Prisoners in Argentina
By ISKCON Argentina   |  Jul 16, 2022

Devotees from the town of Mendoza, Argentina came up with a plan to deliver Krishna Consciousness to state prisons.

The budding program has become a success because of how much the inmates value Srila Prabhupada’s teachings, as well as the prasadam, and kirtan.

Male Prisoners participating in Kirtan

Mahavidya Lakshmi a coordinator of the program stated, “We started this service in the month of December, within the framework of Srila Prabhupada’s marathon, inspired by Aravinda Prabhu’s BBT LATAM Director request and his program in hospitals and prisons, called “We are all Sankirtana”.

Female Prisoners participating in Kirtan

The program was carried out with great success, thanks to the Kirtana team, which is affectionately known as the “Nityananda Team”, with the generous participation of Kelly Parayana Devi Dasi , Govinda Damodara Das, Gadhadara Das, Narottama Das, and Madhavidya lakshmi Devi Dasi coordinator.

Thanks to the authorization of the General Director of the Mendoza prison system, Team Nityananda could enter the three different Mendoza prison systems without restrictions, visiting them once a month.

Our approach through group dynamics work is mainly three: the chanting of the Holy Name, the distribution of BBT books, and the distribution of prasadam. Thanks to the great donation of 275 Bhagavad Gitas, made by Srila Virabahu Maharaja, we can leave a Bhagavad gita to each attendee of the program; So far we have donated 100 Bhagavad Gitas to each library of the distributions, as well as more than 450 small books, which were collected thanks to the private donations of the devotees of our congregation.

Each visit means 20 or 30 people who manage to connect to the chanting of the holy name, we observe how they are very excited to sing with us, always manifesting themselves in a very respectful and humble way. The idea is to continue with this service since we left very nourished spiritually, greatly valuing the power of the Holy Name, because in the collection of feelings and experiences at the end of each meeting, these people deprived of their liberty, express that they felt: Freedom, joy, tranquility, and peace. Nityananda ki jay!!!