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Nandu, our Padayatra Ox, Goes Back to Godhead
By ISKCON News   |  Feb 17, 2024

On February 10th, 2024, the last rites were offered for a beloved padayatra ox, Nandu, who served Nitai Guarasundar for 12 years by carrying Them throughout India. A few years ago, Nandu retired at the goshala in Sri Pandharpur Dham and departed his body in the early morning of February 8th. The antyesti (funeral rites) were held nearby on the banks of the Chandrabhaga River along with Sankirtan and the well wishes of the devotees.

“Nandu served nicely in the padayatra for twelve years. He never harmed anyone and was very cooperative and loving. He looked majestic with his huge horns but was intensely silent,” said Acarya Dasa, All India Padayatra leader, “Even children would come and play around him, touch him, and take selfies with him. As we entered a village, the residents would be mesmerized by his horns, and many would follow us as far as our next destination.”

Acarya continued, “When Srila Prabhupada saw the original padayatra bullock cart, it was displaying a semi-circular banner which said BHAKTIVEDANTA BULLOCK CART TRAVELING SANKIRTAN PARTY. Prabhupada read the sign and said, ‘Jai.’ He then fed the bulls some grass, patted them on the cheeks, and declared, ‘These bulls are carrying Gaura-Nitai for preaching. They will go back home, back to Godhead. They won’t have another life.’ ”

To learn more about the inspiring service being offered by ISKCON’s Padayatra Ministry worldwide, visit their website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel. A special thanks to Jayabhadra Devi Dasi, Padayatra Coordinator, for supplying information and photos of Nandu.