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New BIHS Journal is #1 New Release on Amazon
By BIHS Operations Team   |  Oct 12, 2023

The new Bhaktivedanta Institute journal, Purva-paksa: Fine-Tuning Opposing Views, was a  “#1 New Release” in the Hindu History category for its inaugural edition of the publication.

The multivolume journal features recent research of scholars worldwide who have presented at seminars, conferences, and other events hosted by the BIHS. Purva-paksa is now available as both a paperback edition and a Kindle download on Amazon sites from around the globe, including India, where a “read sample” option is offered just under the journal’s cover image.

The BIHS is currently in the final production phase for two more publications aiming for availability in time for its “Cosmology of the Bhagavata Purana” conference to be held this November 17–19 at its headquarters in Gainesville, Florida.

Pūrva-pakṣa: Fine-Tuning Opposing Views (Volume 2) will include nearly a dozen new articles on more recent research involving Puranic cosmology, epistemology, and hermeneutics.

The second publication, Vedic Cosmography Considered in a Modern Context: Virodha-parihāra Revisited is a lengthy collaborative volume that presents an overview of both traditional and contemporary approaches to reconciling the apparent disparities and correspondences between seemingly esoteric descriptions of Puranic cosmography and the long tradition of observable astronomy within the Vedic jyotisa tradition of Sanskrit mathematics. Historical Sanskrit texts utilized the term virodha-parihara to identify this exercise.

You can visit  Bhaktivedanta Institute website for new releases and recent events, as well as information for attending the November conference.