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New Krishna House Ashram Opens at ISKCON Dallas
By Thomas Haribol, Managing Editor of ISKCON News   |  Apr 22, 2023

Following the successful formula developed at Krishna House in Gainesville, devotees recently opened the Krishna House Dallas Ashram in collaboration with the long-established Dallas community. ISKCON Dallas has been hoping to open an ashram for several years. An amazing facility opened across the street from Sri Sri Radha Kalachandji temple to facilitate this new initiative. “This Krishna House project provides a safe environment for students to develop genuine friendships among themselves. It is very inspiring – fun yet loving and Krishna Consciousness,” said Padma Devi Dasi, temple commander.

The new initiative has already had an enlivening effect upon the primarily grihastha community. “This creates an amazing atmosphere for enthusiastic students thriving in their Krishna Consciousness,” noted Nanda Braja Das, Krishna House Dallas Director. “The excitement that the Krishna House students bring is a breath of fresh air. You can really feel the increased enthusiasm throughout the community.”

Bhakta Leader Dhrstadyumna Das

The Texas ashram is co-ed like Krishna House Gainesville, renowned for bringing hundreds of people to Krishna Consciousness through its warm and accommodating mood. It provides a live-in experience for those who want to practice Bhakti. For Bhakta Leader Dhrstadyumna Das, it is a kind of homecoming, “My parents are initiated in ISKCON, and I had gone to the Dallas Gurukula for 12 years before two years of college,” prabhu said. “In 2021, I joined Krishna House Houston and have been preaching since then. I am so happy to be serving back in my hometown.” Dhrstadyumna was also part of a 3-month training course at Krishna House Gainesville called Nitai Corps, which helped him understand the mood of the Krishna House mission providing him with a strong foundation for his new role in Dallas.

Bhaktin Leader Aditi Roy said, “I was a part of the Gainesville Krishna House for four months in 2021. It provided me with the association I had been searching for – like-minded young people living together and inspiring each other to pursue Krishna Consciousness seriously. The ashram there gave me an immersive glimpse into the ISKCON my parents lived through. For that experience, I am extremely grateful.”

Bhaktin Leader Aditi Roy

The new facilities can eventually house up to 18 devotees in both the men’s and women’s ashrams. In addition to the mandatory 5:45 am morning program with a Bhagavatam class, residents are offered a Bhakti Sastri course four days a week. Residents can enhance their sadhana in an intentional environment for focused japa and receive instruction on leading kirtan, cooking, and other devotional practices. A new “Bhakti Booster” program allows individuals to have a two-week immersion in ashram life if they aren’t ready for a longer-term commitment.

Recently, Dallas Krishna House residents joyfully received a visit from HH Jayapataka Swami. Maharaja said, “It’s very nice to see all the devotees and youths chanting Hare Krishna so enthusiastically. So nice to see this Krishna House. I hope this Krishna House will be a special oasis for all the youth.” During his visit, Jayapataka Swami named the new Krishna House deities- Nitai Karuna, Gaura Chandra. Then, he performed Their first aarti before giving an encouraging lecture, noting, “This Kali Yuga, this is an age of iron and quarrel. We need mercy. Nitai Karuna Gaura Chandra is meant to give mercy!”

To learn more about this inspiring initiative, find resident applications, and more, visit here.