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No Time to Slumber for the Hindu Tiger
By ISKCON News Staff   |  Aug 23, 2008

A new book entitled ‘No Time to Slumber for the Hindu Tiger’ by Mr Frank Ward, will be launched and blessed on Sunday 24th August during Bhaktivedanta Manor’s famous Janmastami festival, in Aldenham near Watford, Herts.
The book is a personal and vivid account of the epic pioneering struggle against the persecution and intimidation of Bhaktivedanta Manor by its local Council, with support by the central government of the day.

The book is an uncompromising reconstruction of the period of the persecution of the international campaign to establish freedom of religious worship and practice for British Hindus that left a shameful indictment on the United Kingdom for failing to ensure that all of its citizens are treated equally within the law.
For 10 years, between 1986 and 1996, Hertsmere Council endeavored to ban public worship at Bhaktivedanta Manor, the most famous and popular temple in the world outside of India.

The book exposes the social injustice within the United Kingdom and the failure of governments both past and present, irrespective of political ideology, to ensure that the freedom of religious worship is enshrined within the laws of this land.

During those years, it was Frank Ward’s privilege to serve the Hindu community in their time of need. He was asked the same question repeatedly , ‘How is it possible that persecution, intimidation and harassment of British Hindus is taking place in a country whose historians perpetuate the claim of being the ‘Mother of Democracy’ and the ‘Mother of Parliaments’ with international approval?

The answer to that question is much simpler than many people, especially those of the Hindu faith, are aware.

In the United Kingdom, unlike most of its former colonies, we have no written Constitution and no written Bill of Rights.

Everything that we take for granted as our ‘human right’, by legal definition is custom and practice and when this is challenged by a local or national authority, then ordinary people must seek the interpretation of their rights through the judicial process of the Courts.

However, this course of action is a privilege reserved only for those who are
able to fund the cost of litigation.

In the Courts however, there is no guarantee of justice because it depends on the interpretation of the law by individual judges.

The expenditure of half a million pounds by the Hindu community, which then culminated in an appeal for justice even to the European Court of Human Rights, also failed.

The absence of any laws in the United Kingdom to protect freedom of religious worship and practice, unlike many other nations, resulted in the Government being absolved by the European Court of Human Rights from any responsibility for the violation of human rights of British Hindus.

‘No Time to Slumber for the Hindu Tiger’ is a powerful account of that painful and weary journey of protest and defiance against the British establishment. The campaign to save Bhaktivedanta Manor from closure exposed the legacy of this country’s shameful social history. In this book Frank Ward proposes that the only means of redemption is a written Constitution and a written Bill of Rights.

For more information, including interviews etc, please call Mr Frank Ward on 0208 953 9216 (leave message if necessary)