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North America Youth Bus Tour Filling Up Fast
By Thomas Haribol, ISKCON News Managing Editor   |  May 08, 2023

Krishna Culture Festival Group at Lake Louise, Banff National Park

Since 1995, ISKCON Youth Ministry volunteers have led the Krishna Culture Festival Tours (aka Youth Bus Tours) across North America to inspire youth in Krishna consciousness. Hare Krsna youth (18-29) are invited to apply for this year’s immersive Bhakti-yoga adventure, which will take place in the US and Canada from June 30-August 14, 2023.

“The mission of ISKCON Youth Ministry bus tours is to inspire, train, engage and empower youth in Krishna consciousness to their fullest potential, through transformational immersion experiences, passing on the missionary spirit to the next generation, our future hope,” said Manorama Dasa, one of the long-time organizers.

One veteran of the tours, Ranganayaki Mayshark, said, “I’ve been going on tours since the age of nine, and they’re probably the main reason I feel inspired to continue on this path of devotional service.”

With over 20 tours in the US/Canada and a dozen more in Mexico completed, there are still a few important places the youth haven’t visited. “This year, we will visit Bryce National Park for the first time. Thankfully, Krishna consciousness is ever fresh, and there are ever new experiences to be had on the tour, sharing Krishna consciousness with others, making new friends – growing a family,” said Manorama. “We are expecting a whole new group of youth, many of whom have never been on such tours. We have a new team of organizers arranging this tour. These seasoned graduates of previous bus tours want to give back and pass on their experiences to the next younger generation.”

In addition to temple visits nationwide, youth will join three Ratha-yatras (Montreal, Toronto, and Los Angeles). “We helped to set up the Ratha-yatra carts, to do the kirtan, to cook…and I feel like it’s very, very important for the youth to get together to inspire each other, and in that way, we can become more inspired to help ISKCON in the future,” said past participant, Sandipani Muni Krishna Dasa from London, UK.

In addition to these devotee community visits and events, national parks like Banff, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and Yosemite are also on the itinerary. “I’ve been able to wake up in a different city every day, be a part of Prabhupada’s mission, make so many new friends, experience different cultures, and speak to devotees from all over North America. It’s just been such an inspiring experience,” said Mahalakshmi Nallabolla from Ashburn, Virginia.

Harinam in Key West, Florida

The 6-week tour will cost approximately 1,800 USD per person, not including airfare. Unfortunately, space is limited for this extraordinary, life-changing experience, so if you’re interested, please fill out the short online form here.

For more detailed information about the tour and itinerary, FAQs, click here.

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