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North American Leadership Conference Wrap Up
By ISKCON News Staff   |  Jan 18, 2022

Empowering Leaders Across USA and Canada 

ISKCON North America Leadership Annual Conference

More than 140 leaders from across the US and Canada attended the weekend conference held last weekend January 14-16th to network, share resources, and empower leaders to serve their respective communities.

On the first day of the conference, the mood was one of initiative and support. New projects were introduced from the work of the past two years “ISKCON 3.0” initiative that brought together next-generation, senior devotees, and breakout sessions were held to learn more and support these projects. The projects introduced were:


  • ISKCON’s 7 Purposes Realized: The Vision
  • Prabhupada Foundation (Finances)
  • HEARTS (by Karuna Care Education)
  • Hari N.A.M. (North American Mentorship) Program
  • Umbrella Mountain – Bhakti Arts Collective
  • Radical Personalism
  • ISKCON’s Relevance

Additionally presentations by Kalakanta Das about the success that Krishna House projects are having and how to get further support in setting one up across the USA by his team, and a workshop on Social Media by Ajita Das for the basics. And to finalize the day off an exciting new project is being launched for a franchise opportunity for “Krishna Kitchen” food trucks being lead by Gopal Bhatta Das.

Mock-up of the food truck franchise plans for rolling out in 2023. The following day the mood shifted a bit into protection and administration. A panel “Devotee Protection” covered a wide variety of resources, insight, and information about three offices that support. The next panel “Legal Awareness to Avert Schisms, Who Has Authority of a Temple” was about legal issues in ISKCON centers understanding the by-laws and looking at any potential risk of the organization and board of directors’ role as crucial elements in protecting the temple, assets, and properties. A workshop on understanding assumptions and how they are the leading cause of conflict in ISKCON and other society was held by ISKCON Resolve’s Vraj Vihari Das was held. The final panel looked towards the future and the role of the organizing group of the conference the North American Council (NAC) in helping support the future of the NA projects and activities moving forward. 


Future webinars and training sessions will be facilitated throughout the year hosted by the North American Council Support Office about the topics held in the conference.

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