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Ongoing Details Shared from the GBC Mid-Term Meetings in Pune, India
By ISKCON News   |  Oct 28, 2023

OCTOBER 28 – The Mid-Term (MTM) GBC Meeting is being held this year at ISKCON Pune from October 25-29th to discuss a broad range of topics and proposals.  GBC Communications has shared the following details:
“25 October, 2023 – The GBC Mid Term Meeting, hosted at ISKCON Pune, commenced with Srila Prabhupada Guru Puja prayers followed by a reading from the Srimad Bhagavatam. The meeting was presided over by the GBC Executive Committee, consisting of Revati Raman Das (Chair), Guru Prasad Swami, and Tapana Misra Das.

The key agenda items discussed during the meeting are as follows:
Child Protection
The GBC spent time in the morning session to discuss the new recommendations recently presented by the Child Protection Office (CPO) Review Committee and voted by the GBC in a span of four Zoom sessions. Among other things, the GBC resolved to now implement these Guidelines to improve the current operations of the CPO.

Constitution Update
Devakinandan Das, ISKCON General Counsel and a member of the Constitution Committee (CC), recalled the distribution of the fourth draft of the Constitution in February 2023 for feedback. He requested members to share their valuable feedback before January 2024. In an effort to embrace inclusivity, non-GBC members were previously invited to contribute their insights regarding the draft Constitution.

The CC is committed to maintaining an open dialogue with the GBC, actively seeking their invaluable input and feedback. The CC shall present a final draft of the Constitution during the AGM 2024 for the GBC’s further deliberation. During this update, General Counsel also took the time to address any inquiries related to the Constitution.

GBC Representation on RGBs
The GBC engaged in a brief discussion regarding the development of the Regional Governing Bodies (RGBs). In particular, it was mentioned how a structure has been implemented in North America and Europe. This model provides a considerable degree of autonomy to the RGBs to formulate regional policies. Simultaneously, it ensures adherence to Srila Prabhupada’s instructions, emphasizing the GBC’s role as the ultimate managing authority in ISKCON.

This discussion was held in the context of understanding how we can continue to expand the movement and develop RGBs and maintain cohesion of ISKCON globally under the GBC as Srila Prabhupada desired.

Meeting with Indian Leaders
GBC EC informed the GBC shall meet with Indian leaders on 26 Oct and 27 Oct 2023 to discuss relevant leadership related issues.
The meeting concluded with members voting on certain proposals submitted by the GBC Deputies.”

Additional details were added on October 28th, 2023:
“The GBC met with leaders from ISKCON India for two days on 26 Oct and 27 Oct 2023, as part of the GBC Mid-Term Meeting. The assembled members deliberated on various aspects of leadership and explored the subject of guru tattva and relationships.”

All Photos courtesy of GBC Communications.

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