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Online Program: Celebrating Gopashtami – Krishna and His Cows
By ISKCON News Staff   |  Nov 17, 2023

ISKCON Ministry for Cow Protection and Agriculture is hosting an online event Celebrating Gopashtami: Krishna and His Cows on November 19th. Join them and expert cowherds from around the globe for a delightful Zoom meeting on November 19th, 7:30 am EST | 9:30 am BR | 12:30 pm UK | 13:30 pm CET | 18:00 pm IST | 18:30 pm Omsk RU to hear about topics like :

– The Dharma of Cows

– Leading an Ahimsa Dairy in the West

– The Culture of Milk in Nandagram

– Krishna’s milking pastimes

– Starting a Goshala in India

– Balaram the Ox, and

– Goseva and Gopuja

Guest speakers at the event include Kalakantha Das (ISKCON GBC Minister for Cow Protection and Agriculture), Parijata dd (Gita Nagari Eco Farm), Shyamasundara das (Sustainable Bovine Solutions UK), Madana-jīvanī dd (ISKCON Ministry for Cow Protection and Agriculture), Rasananda das (ISKCON Bhopal), Sanak Sanatana das (ISKCON India co-minister for cow protection and agriculture), and Dama Gopal das (head of ISKCON Mayapur Goshala).

For more information, visit here.  For Zoom credentials, click on the QR code in the poster below.  Passcode: 108.

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