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Pending Brooklyn Temple Sale: New Developments
By ISKCON News Staff   |  Oct 06, 2017

Recently, the GBC Brooklyn Temple Sale Committee has issued the following statement: 

“According to a report received by the GBC Brooklyn Temple Sale Committee, it appears that the New York State Office of the Attorney General has declined to approve the pending sale of the Hare Krishna temple property in Brooklyn.

Naturally, the Committee is pleased with this favorable outcome in the struggle to keep the Temple and Sri Sri Radha Govinda in Their present location.

It is now up to the board of the Bharati Center to decide whether or not to seek recourse in a New York court of law. The Committee remains willing to work with the Bharati board to achieve an amicable out-of-court settlement but will vigorously oppose any legal action by the Bharati Center to sell the ISKCON Brooklyn temple property or relocate Sri Sri Radha Govinda.

Please rest assured that the Committee will keep the Congregation informed as developments warrant. In this connection, please note that a major article on the proposed sale of the temple is expected to appear in the “Metro Section” of the “Sunday New York Times” this month.”


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