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Persecution of Hindus in Bangladesh: with HG Amogha Lila Das
By   |  Nov 06, 2021

Persecution of Hindus in Bangladesh: with HG Amogha Lila Das!

* What’s the reality for Hindus in Bangladesh? Is there hope for communal peace or is it just a mirage for Bangladesh?

* As vaisnavas, how do we respond to such violence?

* ISKCON trains people to become Brahmanas. Don’t we also need Kshatriyas?

* How can we build more #unity amongst the Hindu community?

* What can ISKCON do to bridge the gap between themselves and the Hindu community?

Amogha Lila Das is a #spiritual leader and inspirational speaker, especially for the youth with over 1 million subscribers on youtube! He is the Vice President of #ISKCON Dwarka (New Delhi); B.Tech (Computer Science, Delhi University); Co-Faculty at IIMs Ahmedabad for teaching ‘Principles, ethics and morality in leadership’; Director of #ISKCON Youth Forum Dwarka, for uplifting the character amongst youth; Co-Director and Corporate Trainer for V-SERVE (Vedic Solutions to #Empower Resources by #Value Education) – a spiritual corporate training wing. He also delivers weekly sessions at NSIT and has delivered sessions on stress management, anger management, conflict management etc. in companies like Max New York Life, Emami, Nestle, Maruti, Holland tractors, Ernest and Young, Prakash Industries to name a few.

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