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Poem: Even After The Rivers Stop
By Sruti Sagara Das   |  May 07, 2020


The rivers still flow and lakes still glisten

The air still blows and the meadows listen 

once where the human roamed and did

now there is simply nature still lucid 

The lake is still there with it’s glow 

so many have come and gone, high and low

We focus so much, and overrate so much what we have done

but, just like that it might not matter more than the rock that’s still there

So, what is indeed the goal of this life 

what use is all this chasing constant strife

for the ephemeral happiness our minds long for

because even a lake lasts longer than our lives and strives

For as much we might try to take, we take nothing 

in the end, but surprisingly we take what we have given

One may ask how do you take something that you give?

Understand that and one can know how to really live

For we might try to take, but we might not be able to control

but, a heart that always wants to give has no barriers at all

No one welcomes a taker, but one who gives is welcome 

everywhere, at all times, and in giving thus receives

Whatever one might have, one can always give,

but chasing things to take always causes sorrow sordid  

For one might be dirt poor, but one can still give kind words 

and feel the joy of giving and be richer than the richest takers

What value is really our taking, when at once we can be subdued

and caged in, while the lake still glistens where we once roamed,

Real value is indeed in serving and giving as much as we can

Real value is in loving God, for that can flow even after the rivers stop…

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