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Poem: NOW WHAT (After George Floyd’s Death)
By Bhaktimarg Swami   |  Jun 13, 2020


Anger has been flaring,

Voices have been blaring,

To identify who’s black, who’s white,

And who happens to be right?

These flesh-tone hues

Shape a classic blues.

Yet, recall when you’ve bled –

All blood is deep red

We must dissipate the dream

For the body’s a machine.

We take from the empiric

That we are the spirit.

May such a statement so clear

Reduce the element of fear.

Yet, there’s another thing common

In humanity’s drama – 

And that is misbehavior.

It’s repetition does no favor.

For a dialogue of understanding

Can be most outstanding.

And with peaceful settlement

We reap overall betterment.

What dispels our illusions –

Our rational conclusions.

May reason prevail

And then we won’t fail.