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Poem: The Wisdom and Love of a Mother
By Priyavrata Das (Paul Rodney Turner)   |  Jun 21, 2019

Mothers are like rock candy — please let me explain,
They’re soft inside, even though they sometimes complain…
About your dirty socks — lying all around the floor,
They’ll collect them diligently — even the ones behind the door.

Despite your sad failings — and your less than ideal ways,
Your mother loves you unconditionally — and come what may.
She’ll never give up on you — nor will she trade you in,
Your hers forever — regardless of your sins.

Sweet and tender inside — but with a tough outer shell,
She’s the rock you’ve been calling for — the one who’ll ring your bell
When the going gets tough — and you need a helping hand,
Your mother is the one who’ll forever understand…

Your weaknesses and strengths — and your fears and misgivings,
Your silly character traits and those times unforgiving
But she’ll leave them all aside, knowing you’re doing your best,
Because every challenge we face is just another soul test.

You see, your mother gets it…she’s wiser than you or I,
She knows a thing or two — but she’s not one to pride.
With age comes wisdom and the foresight to know,
When to fold one’s hand and when to let it all go.

She has wisdom in spades — a sage of high accord,
Your first guru — worth more than you can afford.
So never devalue her worth — or minimize her role,
For she is the divine vessel — that introduced your soul…

To this material vibration — a place to educate,
A chance to renew — and our soul to elevate
For we are not these bodies — but eternal spirit souls,
Pure, intelligent and blissfull — trapped in a “black hole”…

From where we can absorb light — through acts of pure devotion,
And re-awken our love for the Lord of pure emotion.
Your mother is an example of that Source of pure love
Empowered by the divine Goddess — glancing down from above.

Honor her always — and remember her sacrifice,
For there is no one and no thing that that can repay the price…
She has invested in your success — and the elevation of your soul
To make you the best you can be — to make you whole.

Dedicated to Alison May Turner (May 11, 1942 – June 19, 2019)

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