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Renaissance of the ISKCON Mayapur Communication Department
By Kulavati Krishnapriya Devi Dasi, ISKCON News Staff Writer   |  Dec 02, 2023

Staff and well-wishers join Anuttama Dasa, ISKCON’s global Minister of Communications, to celebrate the opening of the new office; asking for Srila Prabhupada’s blessing.

The ISKCON Mayapur Communications Department, which temporarily closed due to budget constraints and the challenges posed by the 2019-2020 COVID-19 crisis, has officially reopened in Room Number 204 of the Lotus Building, ISKCON Mayapur. 

The reinstatement ceremony featured respected personalities, including Anuttama Das (GBC, Director of ISKCON Communication and Mayapur Executive Body Member), Hridaya Chaitanya Das (GBC, Mayapur Executive Body Member and Co-Director Of ISKCON Mayapur), Subheksana Das (Co-Director of ISKCON Mayapur), and other senior Vaishnavas and department heads within ISKCON Mayapur.

This revival not only marks the resurgence of the department but also signals its commitment to providing transparent and timely updates about the events, developments, and management endeavors in Mayapur, both locally and globally.

The mandate of this resurrected department is a paradigm shift from selective positivity to comprehensive transparency. Sadananda Vrajeshwar Das, the department head, said, “Previously, ISKCON Mayapur Communications focused on festivals and other good things. There was less communication on issues taking place in Mayapur. People used to have two visions of Mayapur- one that they have read about Mayapur through magazines and booklets and another when they faced challenges after coming here.”

The new department is prepared to explore even the most sensitive and contentious topics, fostering a global understanding of the intricacies that unfold within the headquarters of ISKCON in Mayapur. Sadananda continued, “If there is a very contradictory or sensitive topic, that sensitive topic will be discussed within the management, and it will be communicated to the whole world: what’s happening, and why it’s happening so that we have a clear picture of what is happening in the headquarters of ISKCON.”

Inter-departmental communications will also take place to ensure impactful changes. “We will also make sure that the department works as a team rather than just working individually. So that there is the proper structure between all the departments, especially between the central department, which is responsible for running the whole of Mayapur,” said the Department Head.

Inside the new ISKCON Mayapur Communications Office.

So far, the department has been officially chartered with an ISKCON registration number. There is an emphasis being placed on hiring volunteers, with a particular focus on devotees and students from the Gurukula, SMIS, and the Bhaktivedanta National School. They shall serve as the conduits for information, gathering information through conversations with various managers and weaving together articles and booklets.

At this nascent juncture, Sadananda explained that the department is mainly relying on grassroots propagation. He said, “Because we are at an early stage of re-opening the department, we are advertising through word of mouth and also with the help of Mayapur management. They are helping us to get connected with the students and the alumni of these schools.” The recent introduction of social media accounts will also help spread the word.

The ISKCON Mayapur Communications Department has committed to delivering one news article every month and an annual Mayapur Booklet designed to enlighten readers about the spiritual and organizational dynamics of this sacred place. Additionally, the department stands ready to address any specific queries related to ISKCON Sridham Mayapur and its management through official channels.

To disseminate its official updates globally, the department leverages established platforms such as Mayapur TV,, and the ISKCON Communications website. They will now include their social media accounts (see below). 

He concluded, “We are planning to release a complete booklet of Sridham Mayapur two months ahead of Gaura Purnima. We will distribute it to all the national and international guests coming to Sri Dham Mayapur. We will prepare a digital version of it, which will be released all over the world. There are more innovative ideas that are being discussed but not yet finalized.”

For direct communication with the ISKCON Mayapur Communications Department, individuals can reach out through the following contact information:

Under Mayapur Central Division, Department Head: Sadananda Vrajeshwar Das, Official Phone Number: +91 97331 08000, email

You can also follow them on their Instagram and Threads accounts.