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Report of GBC Meeting Highlights from April 3, 2024 Released
By GBC Communications   |  Apr 11, 2024

We are pleased to present the GBC Online Meeting Report for 3 April 2024, providing a comprehensive overview of the online GBC meeting and the key topics discussed.

The meeting commenced with a reading by Prahladananda Swami from Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 10. The main topics discussed during the meeting were the final preliminary discussion on Guru Projects and Guru Dakshina in ISKCON and the GBC Executive Support Office (ESO)  Work Plan.

1. Guru Projects and Guru Dakshina Paper: Badrinarayan Swami presented the Guru Projects and Guru Dakshina paper, which underwent a step-by-step review by the GBC members during Zoom meetings arranged by the GBC Executive Committee (EC) on 24 January 2024 and 7 February 2024.

The paper focuses on the relationship between ISKCON, the GBC, the diksha guru, and the disciple, emphasizing defining principles for spiritual masters, disciples, and various managerial authorities. The paper is divided into two parts: part one outlines principles related to guru services, while the second part aims to build on the foundation of these principles.

During the meeting, Badrinayaran Swami led the review of the concluding section of Part One of the paper relating to ‘Principles of Project’ and the ‘Conclusion.’ The section on ‘Principles of Project’  stated the general principles that all diksha-guru inspired projects should adopt. The ‘Conclusion’ section noted the absence of clear standards regarding ‘guru-dakshina’ and ‘guru inspired projects’ and outlined how this proposal is of deep importance as it will provide standards and guidelines to help diksha-gurus act according to expected practices.

The proposal aims to foster harmonious working relationships between ISKCON’s diksha-gurus, other ISKCON leaders, local temples and the ISKCON community.  Once finalized and approved by the GBC, a committee will be established to lead the implementation of these principles and establish the relevant supporting structures.

An overview of the paper was presented by Badrinarayan Swami to attendees at the Sanga for GBC, Guru, and Sannyasi (SGGS) on 6 March 2024 at Mayapur for information and feedback.

2. ESO Work Plan Proposal:
The Organizational Development (Org Dev) Committee, a non-executive arm of the GBC, submitted the ‘GBC ESO Work Plan’ proposal.

The GBC Executive Support Office (ESO) is a new office that seeks to improve the cohesion and effectiveness of the GBC and GBC EC, focusing on:
– Improving governance
– Enhancing administrative throughput – Increasing alignment between the respective offices, committees, ministries, and their interactions with the GBC and other stakeholders
– Improving GBC communications and engagement The work plan, which was approved by the GBC, outlines the short, medium, and long-term priorities for the ESO in support of the above objectives.

The ESO was established by the GBC mid 2023, and after a six-month onboarding and integration process, the team has now officially begun their service. The ESO is comprised of four directors who have deep managerial expertise, serving both in an ISKCON context and in a secular context.  The Directors are Nanda Kishor Dasa (Executive Director), Jayalalita Devi Dasi (Director, Support to Ministries & Standing Committees), Krsnanaam Dasa (Director, Corporate Services) and Parijata Devi Dasi (Director, GBC Communications).

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