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Report of January 24, 2024 Online GBC Meeting
By GBC Communications Desk    |  Feb 03, 2024

(This is an updated version from what was posted previously)

The meeting commenced with the reading by Madhu Sevita Das. The main agenda discussed during the meeting was Guru Projects and Guru Dakshina.

Several years ago, the international GBC held a series of strategic planning sessions and one of the key areas the GBC determined was in need of clarity and established procedures was the relationship between ISKCON and its diksha-gurus. A committee was established to work on this issue, and the first fruit of its efforts was the “Harmonizing Lines of Authority” paper (approved as an official ISKCON position paper in 2015).

After the committee completed “Harmonizing Lines of Authority,” the GBC requested them to focus on issues regarding guru-dakshina and “guru projects.” The paper presented by Badrinarayan Swami at the meeting has grown out of  that effort. The committee has conducted two worldwide surveys of diksha-gurus, GBCs, ISKCON deputies, temple presidents and others.

Badrinarayan Swami clarified how the paper focuses on the relationship between ISKCON, the GBC, the diksha guru, and the disciple, emphasizing defining principles for spiritual masters, disciples, and various managerial authorities. The paper is divided into two parts: part one outlines principles related to guru services, while the second part aims to build on the foundation of these principles.

During the meeting, Badrinayaran Swami read the preface and the main section outlining conduct for gurus, managers, and disciples, along with examples of challenges concerning lines of authority. He invited valuable feedback from the GBC to adjust and improve the paper.

The ongoing step-by-step review is being conducted by GBC members through Zoom meetings arranged by GBC EC for paper review and the remaining sections of the paper will be addressed in the next meeting.

This paper will be presented and discussed more broadly at the upcoming Sanga for GBC, Guru, and Sannyasis (SGGS) in March 2024 at Mayapur. Once the paper is approved by the GBC, a committee will be established to lead the implementation of these principles and establish the relevant supporting structures.

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