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Russian Devotee Volunteers Distribute Food to Refugees
By ISKCON News Staff   |  Mar 08, 2022

Russia volunteers distributed fruit to 7,500 Refugees from Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

There are close to a hundred temporary accommodation centers for refugees in the Rostov region of Russia. In the last few days, Food for Life volunteers drove through some of those centers and distributed over 3 tons of fruit to 7,500 refugees. About 70% of the residents of the centers are children, while around 30% are mothers and social workers.

In particular, in one of the centers volunteers of the Food for Life handed the fruit to refugee mothers of disabled children; some specifically with cerebral palsy, and some with other physical and mental disabilities.

“We were approached by carers of the disabled children from the Luhansk region with a request to provide children with fruit. The next day, we bought fruits and delivered them to the refugees. “We want children and mothers to feel cared for and not feel fear for the future,” said Valery Dolgopolov, President of the Food for Life Russia.

Valery Dolgopolov and his team arrived in the Rostov region on March 1st TO HELP THE ROSTOV FFL TEAM. They came from their base in Chelyabinsk in Central Russia. They traveled for four days and 2,500 km, passing through the Ural Mountains to distribute food to the needy. They brought food, including things such as dried soup mixes and dehydrated mashed potatoes, for 15,000 people which was passed on for deliverance to the Donetsk region. They have been working with officials to see what kind of help Food for Life can provide to refugees in the Rostov region. Since the authorities took it upon themselves to fully provide the refugees with food three times per day, the Food for Life volunteers took to distributing fruit to the children to complement what is being provided by the Russian government.

The volunteers also drove another 1,200 km total through the Rostov region.

Today, they are heading back to Central Russia, having set up a basis for the Food for Life branch in Rostov to take over.

Food For Life in Russia is a charitable organization that participates in helping people in emergency situations, providing humanitarian assistance and food to those in need. Last year, volunteers sent humanitarian aid to Yakutia, Karelia, and other regions where there were natural disasters. In 2022, children in Kazakhstan received assistance during the armed conflict in the country.

The work of Food for Life in Russia is made possible thanks to the efforts of volunteers who come from different religious backgrounds. Some of the volunteers are from the Society for Krishna Consciousness.