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Shastra Sheets: A Treasure Trove of Knowledge for Devotee Kids
By Kulavati Krishnapriya Devi Dasi, ISKCON News Staff Writer   |  Nov 01, 2023

Brajasundari Dasi, a venerable retired educator, has meticulously crafted educational resources called Shastra Sheets designed to engage and enlighten kids. Drawing inspiration from the profound literary works of His Divine Grace, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the Founder-Acarya of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, these worksheets brim with spiritual wisdom.

Each sheet is like a treasure chest, housing stories and knowledge waiting to be unearthed. These sheets are designed to align with the learning needs of kids, with varying levels of complexity, from elementary to advanced, making sure that every young learner can find their path to understanding.

The format of these educational gems mirrors the structure of the UK Standard Assessment Tests (SATs). Each story is complemented by a prepared question paper and its corresponding answer sheet, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Creator of Shastra Sheets, Brajsundari Devi Dasi.

Before coming into Krishna consciousness, back in 1984, Brajasundari Dasi resided in a high-rise apartment in the heart of London’s East End while teaching design technology at Comprehensive Schools in the city for six fruitful years.

One fateful day, during a train journey to visit her parents in Northern England, she crossed paths with a fellow passenger who introduced her to Govinda’s restaurant in Soho. She enthusiastically recommended the restaurant to Brajasundari Dasi, sparking a transformative journey.

Upon returning to London and revisiting Govinda’s with her sister, the experience was nothing short of enchanting. Brajasundari said, “I was spellbound, and I started cycling to the temple to see Radha-Londonisvara most evenings after work.”

In the ensuing months, her spiritual journey led her to Bhaktivedanta Manor, where she taught a diverse range of subjects to 12-year-old Gurukula girls, a role she embraced wholeheartedly.

Brajasundari Dasi said, “When my son was five, I moved to Vrindavana with my family and husband. I taught in the Vrindavana Gurukula for several years. When my son was 16, we moved back to England, and I again taught at Bhaktivedanta Manor Gurukula.”

She continued, “The children and I had always loved art. It was very satisfying to see them create their own little masterpieces. When I retired, I started to do some creative work of my own, and gradually, I channeled my ideas into making worksheets for children.”

A beautiful example of the artwork to accompany the Shastra Sheets.

Brajasundari Dasi remains steadfast in her commitment to serving and inspiring young hearts. She expressed, “I feel quite blessed to have this fulfilling little service. I’m almost 70 years old now, and with Krishna’s mercy, I plan to keep putting out worksheets as long as kids want them and as long as I am able.” 

Her words and works are truly inspiring and a testament to the enduring power of devotion and education. Here is a sample from a worksheet reading paper from Shastra Sheets. 

To learn more about this service and see samples of Shastra Sheets, visit her website. You may also get in touch with Brajasundari Dasi via email.