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Swami Delivers Eco Message to New Orleans University
By Gopinatha Dasa   |  Oct 04, 2008

Bhakti Raghava Swami, a proponent of spiritual eco-living, spoke to a meeting of the Bhakti Yoga Club at Tulane University, New Orleans, this month.

The club aims to raise an awareness of human life’s essential nature through Vedic spirituality, vegetarianism and eco-friendly living. Since its inception, the forum has won support from the university’s faculty and students.

During his talk, “Towards a Greener Earth – A life in Balance,” Bhakti Raghava Swami said that there is a sustainable solution to the root cause of the modern world’s crisis, if only we are open-minded enough to see it.

Speaking on the teachings of the Bhagavad-gita, His Holiness said that the purpose of all living entities is to engage in loving exchanges with God.

Pleasing the Supreme Lord through such devotion, or Bhakti-yoga, is the time-tested secret to striking a successful balance in life, he explained. Only when we are happy within will harmony with ourselves, others, and the earth arise.

“ISKCON isn’t trying to introduce Hinduism or convert,” said Bhakti-Raghava Swami. “Rather, we are introducing a method based on these principles, by which one can raise one’s consciousness and live a simple, natural, and spiritual life.”

The audience nodded appreciatively as the swami suggested that the solution to a better society is natural, sustainable, and lies in making the connection between the land and cows.

The Swami concluded, “It is human society’s unnatural disconnection with these important elements of life – by unchecked blind urban life style – that has made civilization become both unsustainable and devoid of strong human relationships based on love and trust.”

He then answered a number questions, before giving the audience an exclusive viewing of a documentary on his Indian Eco-Village project, “Gokul Dham.”