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  • New Vrindaban Celebrates 10th Anniversary of 24 Hour Kirtan

    The 10th annual 24-Hour Kirtan at New Vrindaban, West Virginia, USA, will be held on June 17th and 18th, 2017, featuring an amazing group of kirtaneers from all over the world! The organizers cordially invite all devotees to join in the continuous congregational chanting of Hare Krishna Maha-Mantra, which is a unique opportunity to become absorbed in the holy name. 

  • Oldest 24-Hour Kirtan Festival in West Celebrates 17 Years

    Over 2,000 people from the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe are expected to attend the 17th annual 24-Hour Kirtan in Birmingham, England from Saturday April 30th to Sunday May 1st. Today,  it’s a huge bank holiday weekend draw. But back when the event – the oldest 24-Hour-Kirtan Festival in the Western world – began in 1999, attendance was muchsmaller. It all started with a group of Pandava Sena teenage youth, fans of the year-around 24-Hour Kirtan program in Vrindavan, India.

  • New Vrindaban’s Autumn 24-Hour Kirtan to Give Devotees the Vrindavan Kartik Experience

    New Vrindaban’s autumn 24-Hour Kirtan – to be held from October 31st to November 1st this year during the sacred month of Kartik -- is rapidly catching up to its summer cousin in popularity.

  • Mississippi Kirtan Mela Promotes Cow Protection

    This year’s Save the Cow Kirtan Mela at ISKCON’s New Talavana farm in Mississippi drew around one thousand locals and devotees for a family-oriented festival centered around cow care.

  • Villa Vrindavana Adds Color and Music to Italy’s Summer

    Villa Vrindavana, nestled in the vivid green Tuscan hills near the historical city of Florence, is planning two festivals that will literally bring color and music to Italy’s bright summer sunshine.

  • Twenty-four Hour Kirtana Starts for Sri Sri Panca-tattva in ISKCON Mayapur

    The one Srimad-Bhagavatam verse that vividly describes Lord Caitanya’ appearance tells how this incarnation of Krishna has descended in Kali-yuga “accompanied by His associates, servants, weapons and confidential companions [the Panca-tattva]” and how He is worshiped by “intelligent persons” who “perform congregational chanting.”

  • World Holy Name Week Is A Global Success

    At least forty-three different ISKCON temples around the world celebrated World Holy Name Week from September 17th to 26th this year, in a variety of creative ways.

  • "Keep Your Faith Alive" Party in Italy's Villa Vrindavan

    For the 4th time in a row, Italy's Villa Vrindavana will host the "Sravana Kirtanam - Keep Your Faith Alive by Hearing and Singing" festival on 6th and the 7th of July, 2013.

  • D.C. Devotees Honor Aindra Dasa and 9/11 with Spiritual Peace Formula
    Over 500 devotees and guests from all over the U.S. attended a 24-Hour Kirtan at the Potomac ISKCON temple near Washington D.C. last weekend.
  • Kirtan Takes Over The World!

    The worldwide takeover of kirtan, the ancient spiritual practice of chanting God’s names in a call and response style, continues with no sign of slowing up—and June is one of the busiest months yet.

  • 400 Devotees Stay Up With Krishna’s Name at Brazil Kirtan Festival
    Four hundred devotees crowded into the ornate temple room at ISKCON Brazil’s most prominent rural community, Nova Gokula, this April 3rd for the country’s fourth ever 24 Hour Kirtan Festival.
  • Vrindavana’s 24-Hour Kirtan Promotes Constant Chanting
    As non-stop kirtan events proliferate around the globe, ISKCON News takes a closer look at the mother of them all.
  • Third Annual 24-Hour Chant Held in West Virginia Hills

    June 20, New Vrindaban, West Virginia – This weekend sees devotees and guests from all over North America and the world pour into ISKCON’s New Vrindaban community for the third annual 24 Hour Kirtan Festival, a celebration of India’s ancient practice of call and response chanting.

    The event is modeled after the original 24 Hour Kirtan in Vrindaban, India. First launched in 1975, the program faded away three years later, but was revived in 1986 by Srila Prabhupada disciple Aindra Dasa. Since then, devotees at ISKCON’s Krishna Balaram Mandir have chanted God’s names non-stop—24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Is Madhava the Voice of a New Generation?
    Seeing a big tuft of matted dread-locks erupting from his otherwise shaven head, a sculpted goatee, and a host of piercings and tattoos, you expect Madhava Dasa to be more punk rocker than Hare Krishna chanter. Until, of course, he closes his eyes, opens his mouth, and begins to sing.
  • Chanters Trade Sleep for Inspiration at 24 Hour Kirtan Festival

    Rhythmic recitation of Sanskrit prayers and the ceremonial smashing of camphor-laden coconuts – a ritualistic metaphor for the chasing away of negative energy – inaugurated a festival dedicated to the congregational chanting of Hare Krishna at New Vrindaban, ISKCON’s rural community and retreat center in West Virginia.