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  • Lives of Service: The Arcana Siddhi Devi Dasi Interview

    During COVID-19, we are missing out on devotee association. Lives of Service is an ISKCON News interview series that we hope feels like sitting down for a chat at the Sunday Feast with an old friend or a devotee you’d like to get to know.

  • Deity Worship Ministry Steps Up Training With Nine-Day North American Course

    Between fifteen and thirty devotees are expected to take the course, which will run from May 29th to June 6th this year. Participants will hail from the US, Canada and Mexico and will comprise of current and aspiring ISKCON temple pujaris who have at least first initiation and are recommended by their temple authorities.

  • New Scholarly Work Gives Deeper Understanding of Deity Worship

    Attending Krishna’s Image: Caitanya Vaisnava Murti-seva as Devotional Truth  by ISKCON scholar and guru Krishna Kshetra Das (Kenneth R. Valpey) discusses how the ancient historical tradition was brought from India to countries all over the world. It shows how it has taken firm root today in both India and the West

  • Mayapur’s Radha-Madhava Deities Go For A Boat Ride
    ISKCON Mayapur’s small deities of Sri Sri Radha Madhava were taken to the lake in front of the Pushpa Samadhi, a temple in honor of ISKCON founder Srila Prabhupada, for their annual Boat Festival this March 9. The deities were carried to the lake at 6pm in a chanting procession, surrounded by enthusiastically dancing devotees. The crowd watched intently as priests placed the deities carefully onto the ornate, altar-like boat, aligned their throne, and decorated them with flowers.
  • ISKCON News: Help Us Create a ‘Festival for the Eyes’
    Would you like to participate in creating a beautiful experience for ISKCON News readers? This Gaura Purnima we're having a 'Festival for the Eyes' that you're invited to help us put together. On Gaura Purnima Day we're going to unveil a multimedia presentation featuring Gaura-Nitai deities worshiped in devotees' homes around the world.
  • Attending Krishna's Image
    There is a steady and growing scholarly, as well as popular interest in Hindu religion – especially devotional (bhakti) traditions as forms of spiritual practice and expressions of divine embodiment. Associated with this is the attention to sacred images and their worship.