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Articles tagged as Astronomy

  • Astronomy of the Bhagavat Purana Part 1 of 3

    A video by Radha Mohan Das (UK).The explanations are based on the works of Sadaputa das (Dr Richard Thomson), and also, references from the research of Danavir Goswami.

  • The Surya Siddhanta: Parallels with Modern Astronomy

    This video by Radha Mohan Das focuses on the ancient Indian treatise the Surya Siddhanta and its similarities with modern astronomy. As well as drawing upon remarkable consistent data between the Surya Siddhanta and modern calculations, it also touches on the various connections with the Bhagavat Purana, a devotional literature.

  • Flat Earth or Spherical Earth?

    According to Vedic cosmology, the planet earth we live on is located on the southern-most portion of Bhu-mandala’s central island of Jambudvipa. Is it flat or spherical?