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  • GBC Leader Hosts Prestigious Wilbur Awards

    Most people have heard of the Oscar, the Tony and the Emmy Awards. But, who has ever heard of a Wilbur? The Wilbur Award is a highly sought after annual prize awarded to members of the secular media in North America. This year for the first time ever the event was hosted by an RCC member from outside the Christian or Jewish faiths, ISKCON’s own Governing Body Commission Chairman, Anuttama Dasa.

  • British MP Shailesh Vara Receives International Award

    Mr. Vara has helped ISKCON in a variety of campaigns with ISKCON Hungary and Moscow and with many projects for the Hindu community in the UK.

  • ISKCON Europe Excellence Awards in 2013

    Every year, ISKCON's European Governing Commission choses and awards the best performing devotees in many different fields, including book distribution, outreach, pujari service end event organizing.

  • Chandler Award for Student Religion Reporting

    The Chandler Award honors excellence in student writing with an emphasis on reporting skill & a grasp of religion issues that is fair, balanced & in accordance with journalistic standards.

  • The Third ISKCON Europe Excellence Awards

    In 2012 eleven ISKCON devotees have received the ISKCON Europe Excellence Awards for their outstanding services to the society.

  • Nominations for ISKCON Europe Excellence Awards in 2011

    ISKCON`s European Governing Commission would like to call nominations for the third ISKCON Europe Excellence Awards for the year 2011. These awards are to recognize and encourage such exemplary devotees.

  • Winners of ISKCON Europe Excellence Awards in 2010
    The Euro GBC is delighted to introduce you to nine devotees who received the second ISKCON Europe Excellence Awards for the year 2010.
  • ISKCON Wins Indian National Child Health Award

    The ISKCON Food Relief Foundation of Mumbai, India was presented this month with a National Child Health Award from the first ever Lifebuoy National Child Health Symposium.

  • Sivarama Swami Receives Hungarian Gold Cross
    ISKCON guru and leader Sivarama Swami received the Gold Cross of the Hungarian Republic, the second highest award in the state, during a Diwali celebration this October 20th.