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Articles tagged as Ayodhya

  • Associating with the Supreme Lord Ramachandra

    Rama sets an example of the perfect king, husband, son, friend, and master. 

  • India's Supreme Court Court Suspends Ayodhya Ruling
    India's Supreme Court has suspended a ruling over the fate of the Ayodhya holy site, where Hindu zealots destroyed a mosque in 1992. Last September the Allahabad High Court said the land should be divided and that the razed 16th Century Babri Masjid should not be rebuilt.
  • Happy Diwali!
    Diwali marks the end of the year, and by the year’s end we want to pay our debts, rectify our relationships–and then try to do better the next year. If we take up the chanting of the holy names, we can not only invoke the presence of Lord Rama within our hearts, but we can recreate the situation of Satya-yuga, the situation of Rama-rajya.
  • India Remains Calm After Ayodhya Verdict

    Calm prevailed in India a day after a court ordered splitting a disputed holy site in the northern town of Ayodhya between Hindus and Muslims.