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Articles tagged as Balkans

  • Media Shows Interest in the First Swami from the Balkans

    Bhakti Ananda Tirtha Swami visited Bosnia and Herzegovina from the 13th to 21st of February and made several, very successful appearances in the local and the natiional media.

  • ISKCON Hungary Sends Aid to the Flood Affected Bosnia

    On May 23rd, ISKCON Hungary has sent a group of volunteers to the flood affected Bosnia. Having served in several flood and other natural disaster affected areas, these volunteers are experienced humanitarian workers. Primarily, they will help in the Sarajevo area by cooking, serving, driving and taking care of the victims in many other ways.

  • Festival of India Through The Adriatic Sea
    In July, a new harinama festival tour is starting in Europe`s Adriatic region. This will be the seventh since its start in 2004, and it will be performed in seven countries.