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Articles tagged as Battlefield

  • Without Attachment

    Beneath all apparent differences of race, nationality, sexual orientation or ethnic origin, everything that lives is a spark of that Supreme Being. Are we not, then, all family?

  • The Nonviolent Violence of the Gita

    The battlefield setting of the Gita often prompts people to ask the question: “How can God instruct a peace-seeking person to fight a deadly war that caused so much suffering?”

  • Is the World a Playground or a Battleground

    The world is first and foremost a service-ground, an arena for loving service to God and to all his children. Through such service, which can include both play and battle, we attain the highest fulfillment.

  • Transforming a Battlefield into a Classroom

    Nowadays teachers use experiential learning to increase the students’ assimilation of the subject. Krishna uses the ultimate experiential learning method when he transforms a battlefield into a classroom where he speaks the Gita to Arjuna. Krishna uses a real-life experience, in fact, one of the most intense of real-life experiences: a battle.