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  • Madi Das and Dave Stringer to Release New “Country and Eastern” Album

    Lead singer Madi Das and producer Dave Stringer of the 2014 kirtan album Bhakti Without Borders have launched a crowdfunding campaign for a new “Country and Eastern” kirtan record.

  • Bhakti Without Borders Track In Yoga Journal’s Top 10 of the Year

    Shri Radhe, the opening track of charity kirtan album “Bhakti Without Borders,” has been listed by Yoga Journal as one of the “10 Best Yoga Tunes of the Year.” The uplifting track, by second gen devotees Madi Das and Chaytanya, appears in the major magazine’s Spotify Playlist along with Tina Malia, Simrit, Deva Premal and others.

  • Bhakti Without Borders - Shri Radhe by Madi Das - Featuring Chaytanya (Shrikalogy Remix)
  • Bhakti Without Borders - Shri Radhe by Madi Das - Featuring Chaytanya (Shrikalogy Remix)

    Song: Shri Radhe (Srikalogy Remix). Available now from CDBaby, Bandcamp and iTunes

  • Bhakti Without Borders Producers to Attend Grammys

    Four people are set to represent Bhakti Without Borders, only the third kirtan album ever to be nominated for a Grammy, at the 58th annual Grammy Awards on February 15th. Main artist Madi Das – who duets on the album with eleven Vaishnavi co-vocalists – and producer Dave Stringer will attend as the Grammy nominees. 

  • Bhakti Without Borders Gets Grammy Nomination

    Bhakti Without Borders, a charity kirtan album featuring mostly second generation ISKCON singers, has been nominated for a Grammy – the biggest music recognition award in the United States. The album has been nominated in the Best New Age Album category, along with four other artists. It’s only the third time a kirtan album has ever been nominated, following Jai Uttal’s “Mondo Rama” in 2004, and Krishna Das’ “Live Ananda” in 2013.

  • Shri Radhe - A Music Video Without Borders

    Album: BHAKTI WITHOUT BORDERS. Producer: Dave Stringer, Singers: Chaytanya & Madi Das. Song: Shri Radhe. Band website:

    Music Video Credits:
    Choreographer: Anapayini Jakupko
    Dancers: Bhakti Kalalayam Dance Academy
    Mridanga player: Sri Nama Vanamali
    Shakti Films & Bhava Films
    Director: Krishna Sanchez
    Cinematographers: Krishna Sanchez, Hilary Zakheim, Kuva Zakheim
    Editors: Hilary Zakheim & Krishna Sanchez
    Special Thanks: Inner Voice Productions

    BUY THE ALBUM BHAKTI WITHOUT BORDERS TODAY! Available from Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. All profits from BHAKTI WITHOUT BORDERS will fund education for underprivileged girls in Vrindavan, India. More information about the charity at

  • Bhakti Without Borders Album to Donate 100% of Profits to Underprivileged Brijabasi Children

    One of the catchiest kirtan albums you're likely to hear, "Bhakti Without Borders" is immaculately produced by Dave Stringer, and features creator Madi Das and eleven Vaishnavi singers including legendary kirtaniyas and new arrivals. The best thing about it? 100% of the proceeds go to Food For Life Vrindavan’s Sandipani Muni Schools.